金美翎:电影Ben-Hur 《宾虚》剧组专访

金美翎:电影Ben-Hur 《宾虚》剧组专访

记者金美翎:1959年版的英雄史诗电影Ben-Hur 《宾虚》是早已深入人心的经典之作了,而这个由Jack Huston 主演的新版本到底有什么特别之处呢? 不妨我们一起来听听剧组人员怎么说?

Reporter Meiling: The 1959’s Ben-Hur film has been a memorable classic for decades, yet this new version of Ben Hur, starring Jack Huston faces some new challenges. Let’s hear what are some outstanding changes in this film!


记者金美翎问Jack Huston:  Were you intimidated to take over Charlton Heston’s 1959 image knowing that the critics would be making comparisons?

Reporter Meiling asks Huston:  当您接这部戏时,不会对1959版里查尔顿赫斯顿所扮演的宾虚感到望而生畏吗?毕竟影评人会以此做比较。

Huston: It is sort of a mistake. I loved the 1959 version. I love what Charlton Heston did. If I read this and felt like this is a remake, I wouldn’t have done the movie. When I read it, I was taken that it was such a re-imagined idea of a wonderful story.  But I felt very much it is so peace, so dandy for the modern audience.  It didn’t feel like it was stepping on the toes of the previous movie, and Charlton Heston. The Judah we created, something that we are very proud of, is the Judah, this boy, this prince, sort of pacifist.  He was forced into this revenge story, but he is the unlikely hero.  So you want to see this wonderful journey through him. Because he has never the person you would expect to make it through. Right through to the race, I want to keep it ambitious on who’s going to win. There is no real villain in this version. The last movie is pretty much the story about revenge. This is about finding your way back, which is really a film about hope, and love, and forgiveness, and redemption. All of these things, I am very proud to be a part of, because, it is not really religious or faith, but it is a really good message. A message that we should all take something from, it is about humanity, kindness, and how we should treat our fellow man. That’s something I felt so new and fresh, and feel very relevant to today’s audience. That’s something we haven’t seen in Ben Hur, which I was really excited about.


Huston: 这两版真不能做比较。我非常喜爱1959版的《宾虚》,查尔顿扮演得很出色。如果我认为这个新版是旧版的翻版,我不会去接这部戏的。当我初次读了剧本后,我领悟到这版本想表达的含义是另外一种境界,整体细节包装及和平宗旨会更吸引年轻人。与1959年版的情感表达迥然不同,片中主角犹大宾虚做为一位和平主义者呈现在观众的眼前。犹大被迫走上复仇之路,但在他反省自己时,却让整个故事来个180度的转变。在整个战车比赛中,我们很难看出谁高谁低,那样才会让高潮更精彩。这部影片里并没有实质的坏人。不像旧版一样反映复仇心理,在这新版里,我们追求的是找回自己,宽恕对方,还有赎罪。因为这些正能量,我很骄傲能够拿到这角色。此片并不只是针对宗教信仰,而是表达更深层的人生含义,用善良的人性来对待同伴,这样的人生寓意值得大家学习并借鉴。这样的主题很新颖,我也很高兴能够参与这样积极向上的电影。


记者金美翎问Jack Huston: Since you mentioned “forgiveness,” for me, personally, there are so many people in my life, it is so hard to forgive, do you believe in this whole world, we should have more forgiveness?

Huston: It is very hard to forgive. I think I found in my heart, I have eased up, if that makes sense. When you have children, because you want to instill in them, in the sense of honor, in the sense of moral justice, and the right thing to do. It was lovely, because while shooting this in Rome and I had my daughter was with me, I would come back, and realize, what emotional journey this movie became. It was very emotional, very internalized; it is something that you find from different moments, he’s always in questions with himself, with his faith, with his station, who he is. You see it right through the end. He doesn’t figure that out until the moment, when he lets everything go. That’s a real journey to go on. That’s a very exceptional thing that we are proud of.

记者金美翎问Huston: 您刚刚提到“宽恕”。对我而言,我有很多很难宽恕的人。您觉得我们是不是应该不计较那些事反而该宽恕更多的人呢?

Huston: 宽恕,说起来容易做起来难。我现在比以前好多了。我现在有了自己的家庭,为了担当责任,有些事情看得比以前更开。拍这部戏时,我把自己的宝贝女儿带在身边。回头想想,经历了这么多,很多事情都不算什么了。宾虚这个角色,也经历了这么多,也和我自身的人生经历引起共鸣。有时只有在最艰难的一刻才会领悟到,片中宾虚也是一样。我有机会演这种有突破的史诗人物,那种感觉妙不可言。



记者金美翎问Mark Burnett 和 Roma Downey:

Burnett: It has almost been 60 years,  since the 1959’s version, this is a whole generation of people who hasn’t even seen or even heard of Ben Hur, that is the “Ben Who?” generation. It is such a good story, it has such a great message of reconciliation of forgiveness. It is certainly needed. The message of love and forgiveness in 2016.

Downey:  We are just so thrilled, because we were able to get all of these fantastic cast, head up by Jack Huston, as Judah Ben Hur, the great Morgan Freeman, for the role of Ilderim,  and Rodrigo Santoro, stepped into the role of Jesus, more significant role than the 1959, because it is through encounter with Jesus, that Ben Hur’s life is changed forever.

记者金美翎问执行制片人Downey 和Burnett:

Burnett: 距1959版本的《宾虚》到现在已经将近60年了。现在很多新时代的年轻人估计都没有听说过这个名字,也就是“宾谁”一代。我们把这样的壮丽史诗又推向到另一种境界,也就是人类和谐,更多的宽恕。这正是我们新一代人类所关注的。

Downey: 我很欣喜这么多有才华的名演员来参演我们这部戏。Jack Huston作为我们的主角犹太宾虚,摩根弗里曼扮演伊德勒姆,桑特罗扮演耶稣。我们新版比1959版的更有意义。耶稣不幸的遭遇,让犹大反省人生并改变人生。


记者金美翎问Mark Burnett 和 Roma Downey: I haven’t watched the 1959 one, I really loved this new one.  (Burnett: So you are the “Ben Who?” generation?) Yes, I am the new generation. So what can you tell us about the Chariot race?


Burnett: The chariot race is amazing, took 38 days to make that. That’s longer than some movies take to make. For young generation, this movie feels like “Gladiator” meets “Fast and Furious.” So the chariot race is amazing. That is by our extraordinary director,  Timur Bekmambetov, he studied Formula 1 racing, so he would have the understanding of how to film it, and make it very exciting, for the modern day audience. What was so important to us is that Ben Hur would feel fresh, he would feel contemporary, he would feel relevant for today’s audience.


记者金美翎问Burnett和Downey: 我从来没有看过1959版的《宾虚》,不过我很喜欢这新版的《宾虚》。(那你就是“宾谁”一代咯!)您可以详细介绍下战车比赛拍摄情景吗?

Burnett: 拍那段战车比赛情节总共历时38天。估计比很多大制作拍整个电影的时间都长。对于年轻人来说,这部戏像《角斗士》和《速度与激情》结合版。我们的导演提莫不寻常的经历也影响了整个电影效果。他学过F1赛车,所以他更懂得如何拍这段比赛情景。此版《宾虚》更突出的是人物性格和人物发展,会赢得更多年轻人的喜爱。



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