If you thought this is just a kid’s remote toy car, you are wrong. This is a very special vehicle and famous for its giant wheels. It’s called, “Monster Truck.”

由美国Lucas Oil乐嘉速机油有限公司赞助、家庭活动集团承办的2014全美国怪兽卡车巡游比赛在伊州Sears活动广场顺利召开。

This Lucas Oil sponsored Annual Monster Truck event tour sparked the excitement in the Sears Centre Arena in Illinois.


Craig, “It is nice that they open up and let the kids come down here and look at the trucks. What you see on TV has nothing in comparison in the real life, they are definitely bigger. It is really an experience, and if you have the opportunity, then you take it. ”

Craig: “这个活动可以让很多小孩子近距离接触怪兽卡车。你平时在电视上看到的跟现实中的卡车真的不一样。这个需要你亲眼去看。如果你可近距离接触怪兽卡车的话,一定要抓住这个机会。”


Joey DeSario, “(Who is your favorite monster truck driver here?) That one. ”

金美翎:“这里谁是你最喜欢的车手哇?”Joey DeSario :“是那个!”

Mark Hall, “I guess I went to my very first monster truck show was when I was 13 years old. I was hooked on the day one. As soon as I saw the first truck move around, I thought, I was hooked right then, it was the coolest thing ever. By 1987, we put everything we had together, and we built our very first truck, it is nothing but junk. But it got our foot in the door. It got the ball rolling. I would never dream that everything turns into all of this. Some told me years ago I would still do this. I would never believe them. It has been a lot of fun. My mom always reminds me, I spent so many years doing this to go a lot of neat places and meet a lot of neat people because of that truck with the silly tires on it. I always think about that, but I say you are right, that’s kind of neat. Like what I said, I would never dream and would turn into this. A lot fun and has been pretty cool. ”

Mark Hall:“还记得我第一次去看怪兽卡车比赛的时候我是13岁。那时候我就被它迷上了,我觉得这种卡车很酷。在1987年之前,我们有一组人把现有的材料拼在一起制作成了第一辆怪兽卡车,虽然说不太成功,但我们也不知不觉地踏入了这个行业。我从来都没想过会取得今天的成绩。我身边很多人都很支持并认为我能成功。我感到很欣慰。我妈妈也经常跟我说,我之所以今天可以认识很多人,去很多地方,都是因为这个带着怪轮胎的卡车。我现在想一想,妈妈说的也对。正如之前我所说的,现在收获累累的我很幸福!”



Raminator’s Driver Mark Hall is also the event winner, freestyle winner, also the long jump winner.

Mark Hall, “These tires are 66 inches tall, 43 inches wide, and they weigh 700 pounds apiece. We cut and carve on them depending on what we’re doing for different events. For example here tonight we are racing on concrete so we don’t necessary need a very big lug (tread) so we try to cut them down to get the weight off of them.”

Mark Hall: “这些轮胎高度有66英寸, 宽度有43英寸,每个轮胎差不多有700磅。我们也会依据比赛场合和规定来改装我们的轮胎。比如说今天的这场比赛场地是在水泥地上,这卡车的轮胎就不需要太深的纹路,我们会把胎纹砍掉,这样也会减轻重量。”


此次比赛高速自转环节的获胜者驾驶的Rammunition 也是Raminator的兄弟版。

The Donut winner for the event is Rammunition and it is a similar design as Raminator.


Matt Dishman, “We are a factory Ram team, so our trucks are pretty identical to the trucks actually you can go and buy. Other than the 3D stuff we have done to make them stand out a little bit more.”

Matt Dishman:“ 我们都是美国公羊皮卡总公司的,所以我们车身设计也很相似。我们两辆车的最大不同之处是我们车身的三维立体设计。”



Before the competition starts, I was fortunate enough to go inside of Matt’s truck.

“这里面 很舒服的,要不要进来试一下?”

“This is pretty comfortable, do you want to come in and give it a try?”


“It is so spacious here and I can feel the height in here!”


Your legs have to be long enough to reach the pedals, of course. And this is Return To Center steering damper (RTC) . This fire distinguisher plays a very important role here.


Does seeing all of the interesting items on a Monster Truck make you feel excited?


Do you dare to give it a try?

这种竞技比赛还真就不是男人称霸,我们唯一的女车手Allie Patrick也不甘示弱。

This type of competition is really not designed only for males – the event’s only female driver Allie Patrick is also very aggressive.


Allie Patrick, “It is very well-known truck, and it is pretty fast. It gets about 1500 horse power with a Hemi engine. So it goes pretty fast. There is a lot of pressure for sure. It is definitely a male dominated sport and it has been for 30 years. Typically at events, I am the only female driver, so the pressure is on me to run with the boys but it has been a lot of fun. ”

Allie Patrick: “这个怪兽卡车还是挺出名的,速度也非常快。它备有1500马达的克莱斯勒Hemi引擎,因此很快。对于我来说,参加这种活动是非常有压力的。近30年这种活动的参赛者都是男士。一般情况下,我是唯一的女车手。虽然说压力很大,但是我还是很喜欢这项运动。”


Brandon Maddox, “My name is Brandon Maddox. Usually I would start off some songs that everybody knows. Like some country songs; “Sold” by John Michael Montgomery or “Chattanooga” by Alan Jackson. Then I switch over some songs, they are off my albums. This is called “Bigger the wheels the better the man” which is my latest one, and “Weightless” which was previous one that Reba McEntire’s  the keyboard player produced for me.”

Brandon Maddox: “我叫Brandon Maddox。通常情况下,(如果有这类车赛)我都会先唱几首大家熟知的歌曲。比如说一些像Montgomery的歌曲《卖光》和Alan Jackson的歌曲《查塔努加》这样的乡村音乐。然后,我会唱一些自己创作的歌曲。这个是我最新的单曲《有大轮的就是好男人》,还有电子键盘音乐《失重》。”


“Monster Truck, monster cookie.”



Right here you are not only seeing great shows and listening to beautiful songs, you can also experience tasty food and fun entertainments.


The event guests can also experience the bumping feeling on this fun monster truck bus.


Yahoo~ I feel so happy!


This money blowing machine is also one of the entertainments. Dancing with the money? Keeping the money that I am grabbing. Oh my, this is fun!


“After eating and playing, now comes the real competition!”

这位就是著名的“大脚怪”怪兽卡车的驾驶员Eric Tack。他是世界上唯一的一位将怪兽卡车飞跃停在陆地上的飞机的驾驶员。

This one is the famous Bigfoot driver Eric Tack. He is the only driver to have his Monster Truck flying over a jet airplane parked on the ground.

Eric Tack, “If you have a dream, then go after it. That is what I did. As long as you have a good faith, you can do anything you want.”

Eric Tack:“如果你有梦想就要去追。这就是我的座右铭。只要你有坚定的信念,你就可以做成你想做的事。”_JIN3108 _JIN3194 _JIN3096



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