《利刃出鞘》人物专访: 多伦多首映,群英荟萃

《利刃出鞘》人物专访: 多伦多首映,群英荟萃
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Rian Johnson, “So this really came from me loving the ‘Agatha Christie’ books when I was growing up and I love ‘whodunit,’ and it is a very specific genre, and I wanted to do one, so this is me trying to get everything I love about good ‘whodunit’ into this movie, casted with amazing and fun movie stars, and put it in modern day America, and this is kind of the jest.”


“This is very different than ‘Clue,’, I love ‘Clue,’ but this is not like a parody, it’s not Murder By Death, or Clue, it is much more straightforward attempt to actually do it ‘whodunit’ and fool you.”


Meiling, “So with many different challenges of the making of the dark comedy films, what are some challenges for you to be able to overcome?”

Rian, “The challenges are always very difficult to strike a balance, but it’s very helpful when you have a cast like this, when you have amazing actors. You can always hit that balance just right.”



Daniel Craig, “I am here for ‘Knives Out,’ so Bond is just another great job I do.”

K Callan, “I really enjoyed my scene with Daniel in particular, we had some wonderful conversations off camera. It was during this time of the year, it was actually during November, when we were shooting. We talked about so many things in the world, and business and so on. But everybody brought me something, and some new information, that I didn’t know about before, whatever age they were.”



Chris Plummer: “Chris Evans is extremely good in it, I have never seen him play with the character much, sort of wealth of the power, because he usually plays in the epics, and it was very nice to see him.”

“You are always in high demand, what is the secret of your success?”

克里斯托弗·普卢默: “克里斯·埃文斯在里面演的就很好啊,我从没看过他演过这种角色,他一般演那种超级英雄的角色嘛,他这角色是带有金钱势力的,我看着很新鲜。”


“I don’t think there are that many people are as old as I am, maybe I still get work.”

“I think everybody in this film, has been on stage, being a stage actor, for years, helps in a great deal, in a film like this, because you know how to act in the speeches and orchestrated in your own rhythm and this is what the stage teaches you. ”



“Any future plans after this?”

“Yes, I do, but I don’t want to talk about them, because they never happen if you are talking about them.”

“What are some advices you would give to young actors?”

“Oh, stay sober as long as you can.”





Jamie Lee Curtis: “Be where I am, which means not in my head, I am not a thinker, I am a feeler, I am not someone who lives in some fantasy world, or intellectual construct, I am being where I am, I am here with you all, I am proud of our movie, I am very happy to be here, I am healthy, I am strong, ”

Chris Plummer: “Well, the money was quite nice, ha-ha, no it was beautifully written, very differently written, from usual scripts, it was not only extremely funny, it was diabolical it has all the right sort of feelings where search for the killer. Rian Johnson is a wonderful writer, and I think that’s all we needed to do, we followed the script.”

Toni Collette, “I love this festival, I loved making this movie, and I haven’t seen the movie, but it feels like a perfect platform for its introduction to the world, and I think it’s a beautiful festival with the genuine love of the cinema, and I think Rian Johnson is an incredible author, and his film is both crowd pleasing and artistic. ”


克里斯托弗·普卢默: “这电影片酬确实挺好啊,哈哈!开玩笑,不过这个剧本才是最吸引我的。剧本的写法很妙,它以恶魔般的写法去探究这个杀手是谁。莱恩是个很出色的编剧,我们演员主要的职责就是掌握好剧本了。”


“I think the industry really is the same, it is just the distribution is different, if you are a young person starting out, you could put together something on YouTube, and get found, and do your own film. But I think it’s the same, I sure when vaudeville, . . . they got into play, and theater, they are just like, oh my gosh the sky is falling, but it was just a new way of delivering the information.”

“Can you tell us a little bit about your role in this film?”

“I am the grandmother, and the mother of everybody in the film, although I see myself as a conformance, basically but my entire family is not. So possibly I am not so conforming in my youth.”




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