《课堂》开拍: 红地毯专访安东尼、黛比等80年代红人

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Anthony, ” I am just grateful, and this is a great opportunity, because this is where I got started with John Hughes, and we are doing a film. It’s not a remake, but it’s a new rendition of The Breakfast Club, and we got a very talented young cast, so it’s very exciting. And it’s also for charity.And Halloween Kills is coming out soon. So it’s a lot of good things, so thank God. “


Reporter Meiling, “Speaking of the Charity, we are here tonight for a special friend of yours right? So can you tell me more about this special friend?”

Anthony, “Sure, Dan Cantillon, is a gentleman who unfortunately suffers with MS, and we have a great mutual friend Sean Finnegan, who helped us to put this together. So Sean helped me organize and promote the event. And of course, I want to bring and introduce my cast to the world, and my producing partner. It’s always beautiful when everything is coming together. “



Charlie, “Hell yeah, we are back. Well we are not back but we are figuring it out. We are able to do things safely as a group, and I love it! I mean I love making movies, and we all get to do movies together, can’t wait we are all back and you almost don’t want to think about it anymore. “

Reporter Meiling, “What initially attracted you to this script?”

Colin Mccalla, “I mean The Breakfast Club in itself is an iconic movie, and being in the process of bringing it to the 2021, into the modern days, with a bit more diverse cast, some more grounded real issues that teenagers are facing, which is really exciting to be a part of. “


Debbie Gibson, “I also mentored kids in real life, like I have done workshops with kids, and through song writing, brought out their emotions, and their life issues. And this film really… I am playing this teacher, this drama teacher, who is using art as therapy with these kids, so I really relate to it, I love how real it is, how gritty, the subject of matters are, because kids today are dealing with very intense adult issues. The violence going on in the world, the chaos, the identity, gender fluidity, all kinds of issues, abortions… it addresses everything… and it doesn’t shy away from anything. And that’s what I love, I love Anthony Michael Hall in it . The cast of talents are young actors, I know a lot of them from the work they’ve done. But their work on this movie is so inspiring.”


Lyric, “I was actually a little skeptical because this is the new age of The Breakfast Club, and I didn’t know how this was going to go down. But the script was so… you almost clung to it, it just drew you in, it was undeniable at that point, and I had to do it.”


Charlie Gillespie, “I love Nicky actually, I was speaking to Nicky about it before I read it, and we were talking about how all of these kids were going to live through something on this one day, together they all come in as one people, they all leave it as somebody else. And it was just so interesting. I love my little character too. He is this very arrogant guy, walking around and doing his stuff. But throughout the story watching everybody is getting broken down, and kind of broken down to themselves, that really warms my heart. And everybody else is going through their own thing too. It’s really cool it shows the way we all come together, we are all there for each other. “


Reporter Meiling, “I can see your energy as soon as you are on the stage. So if you were one of the characters in The Breakfast Club, which character would you like to choose?”


Charlie, “The janitor.”


Colin, “Judd Nelson’s character.”


Lyric, “Anthony Michael Hall’s character.”


Hannah Kepple, “You know who would be the most fun would be the guy that’s the criminal, like the crazy one, who has the outburst and the funny lines, I guess I would want to do that. “


Debbit Gibson, “I mean I like Molly Ringwald’s character, I love how honest she is. I didn’t grow into that upper class popular girl role, but I love how she really talks about how being popular is not all it’s cracked it to be. And she is the one saying, we are all not going to be friends after this. I just think the character is amazing, and what Molly did with this is so incredible. I always enjoyed watching all of her movies back then. And she is still working now, she is amazing. ”


Reporter Meiling,
“So basically what we heard is, the Class is not a remake of The Breakfast Club, so can you tell us a bit more of the similarities and differences?”


Nicky Celozzi, “I’ve always been a fan of John Hughes, allowing kids be themselves for the particular day, so I drew some inspiration with regard to that, so this really is about the kids, having to come on a Saturday, because they fail on an exam, that’s why they are all actually having to come on a particular day. But we are dealing with a whole new set of conflicts. I really wanted to address the diversity of the world these days, and I think we represent that in our cast, and I really bring a whole new set of conflicts, and I think back in the old days, the conflicts are kid – parent, parent – kid. and we have this whole new set of conflicts, the media, it is called the internet, and things like that, they are weapons of mass destruction. We are really dealing with how kids have to become adults, while they are not even teenagers yet. If you really want to find trouble on the internet, you can. So we are really dealing with this contemporary approach with a new set of conflicts and issues these kids are really dealing with today, But I think the theme is somewhat parallel, where these kids find out that as different as they are, they all really have this strong common denominator. What I have really found that’s really true. If you really think about what we went through high school, I think those kinds of feelings, fears, and emotions always translate from generation to generation.
So we kind of navigate in that situation. “

尼基-里皮斯基:“我一直都很欣赏约翰·休斯的作品。他片中的青年角色都有点任性,他的人物描写方式也启发了我。这部影片描述了几位青年在周六在课堂里一起因挂科而复考。我们在片中面临了很多现代生活中的问题,种族多元化的问题,我们的演员阵容可以代表这些种族的多元化。在过去的年代里,很多影片的冲突都是围绕着家长和孩子之间面对的问题;而现代生活中,我们又面临着网络问题 – 它是对于孩子成长的毁灭性武器。现在的孩子都早熟,他们很早就要接触到成人的问题,在网络上找麻烦很容易。从这两个端点上看,孩子们面临的问题大不相同,但在影片结构上它们是平行的。即使每个角色性格和背景都不同,但他们都有一些相似之处。我感觉这很贴近现实,我们在现实生活中所体验到的高中生活,那些恐惧和其它情感都是代代相传的,每个时代的人都会面临不一样的问题。”

Reporter Meiling, “So speaking of diversity, what are some of the challenges you have to go through, nowadays, we are facing PC and woke culture, is there any challenges? “


Nicky Celozzi, “We really deal also what was going on around the world,
the government, the problems with the politicians, the police, the rioting, the things that’s going in truths, we are kind of dealing what’s going on today, and how this really affects these young kids, I don’t think the people really realized, how we are choking off these young children, they are not even prepared to deal with these lessons, and we are forcing them to deal with things as adults, it’s really showing how claustrophobic and how cut off they are. What we are really dealing with, and what’s going on in this world, how is it fully affecting them, and we are seeing them really torn apart, about not really knowing who they are, and how to modulate all of these particular feelings that we are forcing them to feel. So what really is, a new approach, and how these kids really structurally trying to get through their lives, “


Hannah, “This cast is amazing, we spent so much time onset and offset together, and I think it’s really going to show in the film. That will be really special. “


Reporter Meiling, “That’s very nice. After the whole pandemic year, it has been shaping everyone differently, have you picked up any special hobbies, or any special things you have been doing?”


Anthony, “I am into biking now, so i have a couple of electric bikes, my wife and I started doing that. We have a house up in Washington state, when we are not in LA, so we have been riding a lot of electric bikes so it has been a lot of fun. We hit the gym, we go swimming, and go to the beach, simple things. “


Colin Mccalla, “I think we are coming to a point where productions are… at the end of the day, people need to consume film, and TV. And TV and film are never going to go anywhere, so. Now the vaccinations are out, unfortunately, the covid is still going on, but i think it is coming back in full force, and there will be so much good content coming out next year. Because everyone has been in their home writing scripts, and making good content, I am excited to see how the next few years are going to look. “


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