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Meiling, “This question is for both of you. You really took some great risk to build a real gas balloon, so what are some thrilling moments to film inside of the gas balloon. What are some thrilling moments for you to do the acting in it?”


Tom, “I think it is all thrilling, everything that we shot in the balloon is thrilling, because we would get in this period gas balloon, filled with Helium, that we made ourselves, and flying it high above the British countryside, and suspended in the air. All of it is thrilling. We were filming from helicopter, and balloons.”

汤姆:“我认为整个过程都是个历险记, 在热气球里每个镜头都很惊险。因为我们制作的这个热气球基本上和当时的完全一样,但装的是氦气。当时飞在英国乡村的上空,我们从直升飞机上拍摄,也有在气球里面拍摄,整个过程都很惊险。”

Eddie, “They don’t meet very well. Blades, and thin envelopes made of silk.”


Tom, “Yeah, it won’t be a good thing. But it’s all thrilling and exciting, as you can imagine. But it was our first ever balloon ride had presented some difficulties.”

汤姆:“对,两个确实不合, 哈哈,不过确实很惊心动魄。你可以想象得到,第一次乘我们自己做的热气球肯定会有些挑战。”

Eddie, “Basically Felicity and I crashed, and almost died at our first balloon flight. So, which was great for the rest of it.”


Tom, “Other than the whole nearly dying thing, I would say it was bumpy landing.”


Meiling, “From what I heard, you got a minor injury, right?”

Eddie, “Basically we built this balloon, and we went the top of it, Felicity and I, Felicity did this extraordinary stunt. There was a pilot, but who was hiding in the basket. And Tom was in the helicopter, there were drones shooting all of this footage. But once they recorded what they needed. We then had to land. We just had quite a problem while landing, and crashed into some trees. But it was all fine and survived, and it was great. Because then we got to use that real fear going into the making of the film.”


埃迪:“对,我们拍摄当时有爬上到气球的顶部,菲丽希缇做了一些非凡的特技。当时有个飞行驾驶员,但他必须要躲在吊篮里面。汤姆在直升飞机里拍摄。我们四周全部都是无人机。拍到计划过的镜头后,我们就要着地了。但在落地时出了故障,之后撞入了很多树枝。但最后我们都安全了 。就是因为这一次事故,我们演得更真实。”

Tom, “That was. And it was all unplanned. We were all given the terrifying experience. Maybe they could have used that.”

Eddie, “That method.”



Meiling, “You and Felicity, you two have great on-screen moments, great on-screen chemistry. So, what are some off-screen chemistry between you two?”

Eddie, “Oh, that was very kind of you to say. The lovely thing is, I just adore Felicity as a person. And of course, it was wonderful working with extraordinary actress. To work with an actor so intimately who is also a phenomenal person is a joy. So, she and her husband Charlie are good friends of my wife Hannah and I, so we go out for dinners, put the world to right. And obviously, there is another whole side of filmmaking, which is the promoting of it, and going on with that journey. So, to do that with a pal is wonderful.”



Meiling, “To choose top 3 places you want to ride the gas air balloon to. So, what are the top 3 places?”

Eddie, “I will tell you one, in China, which I have been to on the ground, which is Yang Shuo, in Gui Lin. All of these amazing lime stones mountains. They are breath taking to see on the ground, but the idea of seeing that from the sky is quiet stunning prospect.”



Meiling, “And we are going to welcome you if you go there.”

Tom, “I would like to fly over Chicago, fly over the city. You really want to do that, because of the air traffic control. I would really like it very much.”

Eddie, “I will be terrified to fly through the city. Because Chicago has so many spikey buildings. And guaranteed will end up spiked.” 

Tom,” I would like to fly over mountains as well I think.”





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