岑永康: 第一次在103楼层接受采访

岑永康: 第一次在103楼层接受采访
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Harry, “It is a little freakish, when you first get on it, and you kind of get used to it. It is interesting that we quick trust things. ”


Meiling, “Last week I was actually here, and it was so foggy here, it was actually scarier. ”


Harry, “This is good, because you can see where everything is.”


Meiling, “So this is the first time on the Skydeck?”


Harry, “Yeah, first time here. So high in Chicago right now.”

岑永康:“是啊, 第一次,有点很“嗨”的幻觉,哈哈!”

Meiling: “So you are here promoting your newest film Broadcast Signal Intrusion, there are so many locations were featured in the film, including Ping Tom Park, it is actually super close to where I live. Have you tried any restaurants in the Chinatown?”

金美翎:“那我们就先聊聊您刚刚杀青的新作《诡厉信号》,我可以认出来很多片中的拍摄场地, 比如说谭继平公园啊,我的家离那里特别近。你有去过周边的中国饭店吗?”

Harry: “Yeah, a few bakeries there. Chinatown is interesting because I grew up in the San Francisco Chinatown, and I love seeing the different portions and how they prepare them. 

I also went to a few different dim sum spots. I forgot the name of some of the spots I went to.”


Meiling: “are they Minghin? Dolo?”


Harry: “Oh yeah! The food is so comfort, it really reminded me of my childhood. Going back in time. San Francisco is so different, I feel like Chicago Chinatown, from what I saw, I feel like Chicago stays pretty much the same.”


Meiling: “Now let’s get back to the film, Broadcast Signal Intrusion, what do you see in the film that’s worth telling to the audience?”


Harry: “I mean, the film Broadcast Signal Intrusion is inspired by one of the true events, and the Max Headroom incident has been very popular over the years,  and about the intrusion in fact was on the WGN, very local for you guys in Chicago, for this movie I play this video archivist who discovers these intrusions, and falls into this rabbit hole, it is a dark conspiracy that possibly connect to his wife’s death, so there is thrilling aspect into it, there is a little bit of, I guess, horror if that does tickle you in that way, and definitely mystery, and a fun ride! I am excited, to be in the Chicago Film Festival, also comes out on October 22nd, in selected theaters, and Apple TV, I am so excited that a lot of people have access to it.”

岑永康:“《诡厉信号》是根据真人真事来联想改编的,双面麦斯露面的事件非常出名,美国电视台WGN曾经也有过一段从未解开的电视信号干扰的谜,很多芝加哥人都还记得这个事件。我在片中扮演一名视频档案管理员,偶然发现了一系列险恶的海盗广播,并痴迷于揭露背后的黑暗阴谋,继续找到了一些关于妻子谋杀案的线索,其中又很多非常诡异的片段。其中很多片段都让人毛骨悚然,不过看的很刺激。我非常期待这个影片,会在芝加哥国际电影节上播放,也将会在苹果电视上播放, 10月22日首映!很多人都会看到!”

Meiling: “When I was watching through the movie, I sense that this movie is more about discovering the main character being curious other than finding the missing people, can you explain a bit more on your character?”


Harry: “My character’s name is James, he is lonely, and you start getting pieces of who he is. He is very mysterious in that way, and he is just trying to find some sort of truth, or simply find the answers, and like you said, it is not just about his wife’s death, but kind of the journey to see how he is processing it. But our director Jacob, he is an incredible storyteller, he was able to craft these, (like made in 1970s type of psychological thrillers), mixed with a few genres, he captured a lot of essence of that into this film, which is really nice, it is a period piece, it is the 1990s, in which this takes place in.”


Meiling: “I can tell the locations the crew found were perfect for the film. What was the location scouting process like? Are they all filmed in Chicago or surrounding areas?”


Harry: “Yeah, we got to travel throughout the east side, and north side, even the outskirt of Chicago, what I was really in love with, there are these pockets where you going to the East where the architecture hasn’t changed much, which made the indie production so much easier today, so you don’t have to actually drastically change things, because Chicago is very photogenetic, but also, there is a sense of nostalgia …. You can see the city how it was in the 80s and 90s, sometimes even in the 70s, and you go in, and see this side has statues but that side is very flat in a good way, Chicago definitely has these great characteristics.”

岑永康:“嗯,我们从芝加哥的东部找到北部,还有在芝加哥周围的郊区。在芝加哥东部地区,很多地方都保留了很多历史痕迹,所以我们剧组找拍摄地理位置也非常容易。我们并不需要改变太多地方。芝加哥很多地方非常上相,也很怀旧… 芝加哥很多地方都可以找到80, 90 年代的痕迹,甚至70年代的都可以很容易找到。有时一边可以找到一些古雕塑,另外一边就很平坦,芝加哥这一点就很吸引人。”

Meiling: “I believe there isn’t more than one minute where you are cheerful in this movie. What’s like to have to be constantly disturbed during the entire production?  I am always wondering how everyone acts on the set of a horror movie.”


Harry: “I mean, Intrusion itself, Dan Martin, is our visual effects artist, he created these long shots in London, he made it, film it and everything, he just did such an incredible job, eerie, and spooky, but also unsettling, there is a thing called uncanny valley, we trust these until they kind of look like humans, we have these eerie feelings about them, and it definitely gives the vibe off and watching him, you have to constantly remind yourself, I’m in the intrusion movie, and go home and have nightmares. Luckily, we have really great Chicago local crew and local actors, that distilled some levity in the darkness that we are going into. So, this film is what I particularly love, is still a fun ride, even though, it shrouded in a lot mystery and thrill as well. 

岑永康:“电视侵扰这方面… 丹-马丁是我们的视觉效果指导,他曾经在伦敦拍了一些视觉效果的短片,他拍得非常有声有色,非常诡异,非常吓人。有种理论叫做:恐怖谷理论。我们看到这些短片就会进入角色,有时对那种诡异的感觉产生共鸣。每次拍戏都会想到那种毛骨悚然的感觉,每次看那些片段都会做噩梦。我们剧组和演员们都很有天赋,能够拍成很完美的惊悚片也就很轻松。我超级喜欢这部电影的剧本,拍戏过程非常有趣,虽说是神秘惊悚片,拍起来非常轻松自然。”

 Meiling: “That’s what I was thinking earlier, you came from the singing and dancing background, and all the sudden you jump into the horror genre, it is pretty interesting transition.”


Harry: “Yeah I look at it like I like my food; sometimes I go in Chinatown; sometimes I go to little Italy sometimes to me it is all just flavors. I don’t want to eat the same food every single day. If you call the genre, similar to cuisine, there is certain ingredients, that you use, certain people really know a lot about it, and to me, I am the new guy in the genre, I am excited to play in it. But luckily, I have a great cast and great crew, it just felt natural.”


Meiling: “So with right now in Hollywood, being an Asian actor is a major news to be casted in the films, and how do you feel to be in the position to be at now you are at today?”


Harry: “I think it has been over time, I have been doing this for a while now, in several positions, to me I am very fortunate, to be where I am at right now, because it’s hard to play the lead in a movie like this, usually I am not afforded these opportunities. But to me it is more than just ‘doing it’, just being in and hopefully entertaining folks and if it is inspiring to Asian folk. To me it’s beyond that, it is possible you just want to be in a part of good work. And at the end of the day, I want to be in something that I am very proud of, I am proud of the story that’s being told, and I just love there is a genre, that appeals to people like me. I am just very fortunate and thankful. I just hope that I am not the last. It should keep going on.”


Meiling: “For the past pandemic year, especially with the entertainment industry, it was very struggling to work, have you tried to develop any interesting hobbies?”


Harry: “Ha ha. Tried is the key word, I tried to play guitar, also bought a drum set, I feel like I can make music through drums, as oppose to guitar that your fingers always hurt. But yeah, I am getting a little better. Also dancing kind of helps too, with the rhythm. Also, cooking specific meals to a 2-year-old, it is like this whole… you know when you cook for yourself and your friends, it’s fine, but to cook for a 2-year-old, you have to make it interesting, make different shapes with it, put on an happy face, so I am definitely getting a little creative, with carrots and peas, you have to figure out where to put it on the dish.”

岑永康:“哈哈!你这个‘试着’问对了。我试着学习弹吉他,又买了架子鼓,我感觉打架子鼓创作音乐比弹吉他更容易一点,因为打架子鼓我的手就不会痛了。我每天都练习,熟成生巧嘛!练习跳舞也帮助 了我不少。我现在家庭又增添了一个2岁的女儿,给她做饭呐,真是要动脑筋哦!你得给她做各种花样来才行,要把饭菜做成笑脸形状。我这每天做饭都要创新,用胡萝卜和豌豆做饭都要花心思,要看怎么摆盘。”

Meiling, “It is a fairly good challenge to be able to handle the balance within the family and work. ”


Harry, “Yeah, family taught me more about balance, literally balance my child on my hands is pretty challenging too. Yeah, pandemic year definitely is a huge year for work life balance. ”


Meiling, “Since you have the singing and dancing background, I am actually wondering if you ever will do a horror musical film. I would love to see how you will be interpreting it and doing a horror musical.”


Harry, “It’s kind of funny that you are actually coming from the certain background and you are doing it full out, I think there is an interesting way that was taught me coming from that background of dance and music is finding rhythm of another genre has nothing to do with it. Because to me the rhythm is everywhere, there is rhythm in baseball, there is rhythm in pitching, or anything you do. So I think this film, we have long and extensive conversations with our director Jacob, it is all about rhythm, and hopefully we can all do that in this movie. ”


Meiling, “I always feel super honored to interview such amazing talent like you, with singing and dancing background, would love to see your talent in person, if you would like to show us some moves or singing?”


Harry, “Haha, but you have to do it with me.”


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