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万众期待的第一季《芝城最潮音》(<Voice of Chicago>)海选即将完成,十二强实力唱将即将诞生并进入终极决赛阶段。在决赛选手名单出炉之前,让我们先围观一下决赛当天强大的评委阵容(排名不分先后):


Shaobo Zhang(评审|特邀表演嘉宾)200300-shaobozhang

Zhang Shaobo, fancy violin founder, contemporary violin stage performance artists. He has been studied the violin at age of 4 under the famous violin educator Professor Lin Yaoji and other some domestic and foreign famous violinists. With the experience of holding a special “crazy violin” special music concert standing in the United States and cooperating together with the world’s top modern music master Yanni Orchestra, Zhang Shaobo became the first Chinese violinist who won the creative awards of international violin performance, the first Chinese violinist who shot the modern violin MTV and formed his own band and global distribution of modern violin album.

张少博,花式小提琴创始人,旅美小提琴舞台表演艺术家。自幼4岁开始学习小提琴,先后从师著名小提琴教育家林耀基教授等国内外著名小提琴演奏家。张少博是第一位荣获国际小提琴表演创意大奖的中国小提琴演奏家;第一位拍摄现代小提琴MTV的中国小提琴演奏家;第一位组建自己的乐团并全球发行现代小提琴专辑的中国小提琴演奏家;第一位在美国举办《疯狂小提琴》专场音乐的 中国小提琴演奏家;第一位与世界顶级现代音乐大师雅尼乐团合作的中国小提琴演奏家。



Bai Mei, who came from China Song and Dance Ensemble in Beijing, China, was admitted to China Central Music College and accepted strict music training and study in China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre. Before graduated from DePaul University in year of 2011, she hold her personal concert in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Chicago areas as well as hold the individual donations charity performance for 911 in year of 2011. She also won the first prize of Illinois and Washington Karaoke Campaigns. Her first composer English CD named “ENOUGH SAID has hit the market in 2005

白梅,来自中国北京 东方歌舞团,后来再进入中央音乐学院,并在中国歌剧舞剧院深造。 她曾在杉番市, 大西洋赌场, 拉斯维加斯, 芝加哥举办过个人演唱会, 2001年她为911举办个人捐款义演,后获全美卡拉OK伊利诺州 和华盛顿一等奖 并且于同年毕业于芝加哥帝博大学。她的第一张自己作词作曲的英文CD“ENOUGH SAID” 已于2005面市



Hosanna Han (评审)

Performance artists. Studied in China, Japan, Austrian music art institute of study for a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, Han won the award for the performing artists. From 1993 to 2000, she got the rewards from all around the world in music and art field. After year 2000 in the United States, she took an active part in many large-scale performances around the United States and overseas Chinese areas. Now, she serves in SuncasTV as variety show host and anchor, as the program music editor and director as meanwhile.




Sarah Holman(评审)

She enjoyed a long tenure as the mezzo-soprano voice of the Dean Wilder Singers, a vocal quartet and piano ensemble, which toured throughout the United States, Mexico, and Southern Korea performing a variety of opera, oratorio, and sacred literature. During the inaugural year of the Asian Opera Project in Taipei, Taiwan Dr. Holman was an invited voice instructor and in 2007 she was awarded a Goldovsky Opera Directing Internship with Harrower Opera in Atlanta, Georgia.
Currently, she serves as the Central Regional Governor for National Association of Teachers of Singing and an Associate Professor of voice at Wheaton College Conservatory where she also directs the opera program.

莎拉·霍尔曼一直活跃于Opera Chicago, Opera Southwest, City Opera of the Quad Cities, Lyric Opera Cleveland, DuPage Opera, Muddy River Opera, and Kansas Opera这些有名的剧院之间。作为一个嗓音极富有特色的独奏者,她曾与新爱乐乐团和狐狸谷交响乐团同台演出。现在,她任职于中央地区州长协会的教室声乐会,同时她还惠顿大学音乐学院的副教授,负责指导歌剧节目



是芝加哥地区知名演奏家,歌手,模特,演员以及主持人。她希林艺术学院音乐总监,琪羽濛濛新民乐团一员,也是2015年芝加哥华埠亲善小姐。张羽琪擅长演奏中国竹笛和钢琴。她也是瓦尔帕莱索大学孔子学院美风乐团音乐指导。张羽琪也是一位小有名气的模特。她曾获得2009年中国全国平面模特大赛新秀奖,同年她也被评为了上海市百佳平面模特之一。她不仅将代表芝加哥去香港参加2015年无线电视国际中华小姐总决赛,早在2011年,她就曾代表芝加哥到纽约参加了亚洲小姐的总决赛。 她最近主持的晚会和活动有,科工专农历新年晚会,华人互助会中秋午会,芝加哥龙舟赛等。

Jennifer Zhang is a well-known multi-instrumentalist, singer, model, actress and host in Chicago. She is the Musical Director of the Xilin Art Academy, a band member of the popular duo Jennifer & Isabelle, as well as the 2015 Miss Friendship Ambassador for Chicago Chinatown. She is a performer of the Chinese bamboo flute and the piano. She is also the Music Advisor for the Meifeng Ensemble at the Confucius Institute at Valparaiso University. Jennifer is also an award-winning model. In 2009, she received the Emerging Star Award for China’s National Print Model Competition and she was ranked top 100 models for the Shanghai Print Model Competition for the same year. Not only she will represent Chicago in the 2015 Miss Chinese International Pageant in HK, in 2011, she has already represented Chicago to compete in the final of the Miss Asia Pageant in New York.



Mike Hainzinger (特邀主持|MC)

Mike Hainzinger is a professor of Mandarin Chinese and English at Joliet Junior College, who has been internationally recognized for his Chinese-learning website Chinese. That is the basis for a video/textbook series that will be published by Hodder & Stoughton in 2014. In addition, the Australian Government has adopted Chinese with Mike s part of its national foreign language curriculum.

在Joliet Junior任教的Mike Hainzinger是致力于普通话和英文教学的教授,他的汉语学习网站在国际范围内都颇有名气。基于视频教学和课本教学的为主的教学读物会由著名的教育出版社Hodder & Stoughton于2014年出版。并且,澳大利亚政府采用了Mike的教学读物作为中文教材,编于国家外语语言课程。


Jen Zheng (特邀主持|MC)

Jan Zheng graduated from King’s College in London with a bachelor degree in business and has a master degree in Business Management and Communication. She now works as manager in some big firms. Jan likes classic music, opera, and theater. She has produced and participated in a lot of performance and gala. She is also very experienced in MC for big events, like Chinese New Year Gala, Moon Fest Gala, etc. She is also the host for a talk show channel in Suncast TV.

郑征生于上海。毕业于英国伦敦King’s College商科,来美国留学后以全优成绩分别获得工商管理和通讯管理硕士学位。毕业后在数大公司从事管理工作。郑征喜欢西洋古典音乐,歌剧,话剧。除了平常自己欣赏芝加哥这个文化城市带来的艺术大餐外,还多次参与制作大型的文艺演出. 除了制作晚会, 郑征还担任了许多演出的中英文主持人.如芝加哥华人侨界最大新年晚会之一的北伊华人协会新年晚会,大型综艺晚会如“金秋皓月”及“凤舞龙吟”等。 主持的社区活动包括芝加哥海华合唱节,芝加哥黎音合唱团十周年音乐会,瑞柏中文学校文化节,东方艺术团”新年诗歌朗诵会”等活动。郑征还应邀在新亚电视的“大话天下”专栏节目担任特约主持人。







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