第56届艾美奖颁奖在Radisson Blu Aquad举行

第56届艾美奖颁奖在Radisson Blu Aquad举行
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金美翎:今年第56届艾美奖的颁奖活动在Radisson Blu Aquad举行。想不想看看今年来了哪些风云人物?来,我们一起去看一看!

Emmy Award Night FINAL from Eacast Media on Vimeo.

Meiling Jin: “The 56th Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards night was held at Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago. Who are the celebrity hosts for tonight’s event? Let’s check it out!”



Ginger Zee: “I am so honor to be here. The reason I am here is because I worked in Chicago and very close with all the people here. I actually cried when I got here today. I miss it. It is such a nice night where people get honored for all the hard work they do. I am so happy to be here.”

Gineer Zee: “我很荣幸能够主持今晚的活动。我曾在芝加哥电视台工作过,所以这边熟人很多。说实话,今早我到芝加哥时都哭了,因为我太想念这里了。今晚可以看到大家努力后的结果,我由衷地为他们高兴!”


Meiling Jin:“As a host, as an event host, what do you expect from this event tonight?”


Ginger Zee: “I expect some fun, I hope. I think it will be different. We are all stepping out of our regular roles. That’s a great time. Tamron and I met years and years ago, and Larenz, I just met tonight. So you will always make it work. It is just another step in my career, and surrounded by other people’s career, and it is such a nice time. I know a lot of these people, and I’m going to be able to see them win, and as they should, they are very good at what they do.”

Ginger Zee:“我希望今晚大家都要开心。这是聚焦我们媒体人自己的夜晚,与平时我们采访别人不大一样。我和Tamron认识多年了,但我今天才认识影星Larenz(今晚主持人)。与自己不太熟悉的人共同主持是新的挑战,但我们一定会合作融洽的。今晚希望看到一些熟人获奖。”



You weren’t confused about these awards, were you? These Emmy Awards in America are similar to the Oscar Awards in the film industry or the Grammy Awards in the music industry. Emmy Awards are the premiere awards in TV Arts and Sciences.

Marcus Riley: “We have a great night and we are really excited about this, because we are having a live broadcast for the very first time in 25 years with our partners, at WYCC PBS Chicago. So that’s a big deal, 25 years we have never been live broadcast. Really excited about it. And more than anything, really excited about honoring excellences in Chicago, Milwaukee (Wisconsin), the entire Midwest/Chicago region. ”

Marcus Riley: “今年的活动比较特别。这是我们举办活动25年以来第一次和PBS合作,并现场直播给电视观众朋友们,因此我格外期待今年的颁奖晚会。当然,我也迫不及待看到那么多的美国中西部地区媒体人获奖的那一刻!”


您看,今年的艾美奖晚会多风光,美国总统奥巴马都赏脸来参加这次活动。哈哈,您还真别当真,这位奥巴马模仿达人Reggie Brown的精彩表演给现场观众带来了一片欢声笑语。

This year’s Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards is just so unpredictable. Look! “Obama” is even here to support these media people! Reggie Brown, the famous Obama’s impersonator, brought tons of laughter to the audience.


Michael Foster, “People think of the movies, the TV, the Emmy Awards, they think of LA, and they think of New York, but there are so much activities here in Chicago, and so much talent is involved right here. So, it is great to see outpour we are getting, and the support, and the celebrities that are hosting this event tonight.”

Michael Foster: “一提起电影或电视的颁奖晚会,大家第一个想到的就是洛杉矶或纽约等大城市,然而我们芝加哥这边才华出众的人也是应有尽有。所以今晚我很高兴可以看到我们芝加哥地区得到重视,同时,几位名人也来捧场。”


And the Emmy goes to…. There are two winners…. And the Emmy goes to Chicago’s Very Own Soul Food…




Micah Materre, “Soul food means a lot of things to me. It takes me back in time to my parents, to my family, what I ate as a kid, what my mother and grandmother made for me as a kid, but also means love, being with family. When you get together with family, there is always some good food there, and it keeps the family together, binds us together, threads all the generations together, I think. ”

Micah Materre, “美国黑人传统美食对于我来说有多重含义。我父母和祖父母总给我做黑人美食。最重要的是它代表着家庭的温暖与关怀。它让我们家庭的爱凝聚在一起,把每一代的传统编织在一起。”



The Midwest Emmy Awards are for both the professionals in the TV field, and also for current college students. Columbia College student Jessica Lang’s “Gilda’s Club” won the Crystal Pillar Award.



Jessica Lang: “I chose this story actually because my grandma has been struggling with cancer for the last three years, and to see someone goes through that and see the lack of emotional support is really why I chose to highlight this. I am so happy that it got exposed and got the recognition that it did.”

Jessica Lang, “我当初选择报道这则新闻是因为我的奶奶不幸患上了癌症。看着她被癌症折磨的样子我心里很难受。因此我在新闻里介绍了芝加哥癌症援助协会对患者做出的贡献。我很高兴我的作品可以被认可并获奖。”


Tamron Hall, “I think it is important for journalists to be brave, and to follow your heart, and carry the torch of journalists throughout the world, because we are all together as journalist.”

Tamron Hall, “作为媒体人,关键是要有勇气,要坚定自己的想法。我们要进行全球同步报道,因为媒体人的职责之一是让观众的视野更加开阔。”



Congratulations to all the award winners.

This is Meiling Jin with Studio Meiling


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