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Chelsea Handler FINAL from Eacast Media on Vimeo.

Meiling Jin: How do you like Chicago so far?


Chelsea: I love it! Chicago is one of my favorite cities. But for some reason, I just randomly got dragged into 3 gay bars without even trying. Well, I am straight, but it was just one gay bar after another.

I am not married; don’t have any kids, so I have more time to help others. At a certain age, you start to think for others not for yourself. You know about your responsibilities. I think women are truly beautiful when they can take full responsibilities.



Meiling: So with all the big issues happening in America, why did you choose the topic about Syrian Refugees?

Chelsea: I don’t know… it just struck me. I was reading a lot about it. I remember I was just thinking I want to get involved in this. We get to help with these people. It is just terrible, it just won’t stop, and it kept going on and on… without US getting involved. How can we do something?! You can’t help everyone in the world obviously. If you can make difference, a few people’s life is very meaningful. I want to do that.




Meiling: I totally agree. So from what I have learned, you will be providing some cars for the Refugees right? So what else can you tell us about the program?

Chelsea: It’s great, because this organization helps people when they come over here, in the country that they probably never been to, helps them learning English. We pay for their English classes, cars. You can help them pay for the rent, so they can be set up for success when they move over here. You can also help people that are still in Refugee camps, help (with) the kids, so they can continue to go to school, they continue to get their education, since that’s paramount to everything else. You don’t want a child to be forced to work at that age. It will be impossible to not have compassion for these people. So it is nice to work with the foundation where you know exactly the money is going.




Meiling: Right. Why did you choose Karam Foundation?

Chelsea: I was introduced to Lina through a friend of ours, and I just talked to her on the phone, and said how can I get involved, and what can I do?! And she gave me a bunch of options, and we kept talking. And she gave me updates. And I see where I can help. And coming here to Chicago was an easy thing for us to do, because I love it here, and she is based here. And we were able to raise some money this week. So that’s great. Any awareness I can bring into it, is helpful.


切尔西:我和琳娜(机构董事)是通过朋友介绍认识的。我跟她通了电话并询问怎样才可以通过她的组织去做慈善。她给了我很多选择。选择来芝加哥帮助难民很容易,因为我很喜欢这座城市。这周我们就筹集了很多钱 啊!加入此组织也圆了我的梦。


Meiling: One more question, working closely with Syrian Refugees crisis, how do you see America’s involvement towards getting them back to their country and homes?

Chelsea: I think we need to take a lot of refugees in, I don’t know if that’s going to happen with this administration? But who knows what can happen. This guy changes his mind every other day, so who knows. But it doesn’t look like that right now. Canada has been doing wonderful things, bring so many refugees over, and I wish America would do that too. But in the mean time, there are families here, so let’s get them situated, and then you can help another ways, another country, and figure out another place for them to go. And hopefully continue to live lives out of that situation.

金美翎: 最后一个问题。您这样一点点深入了解难民时事, 您认为美国应该怎样出手相助?

切尔西: 我并不清楚现在美国当局能够做到哪些,但我觉得美国应该多收留难民人群。总统川普行政很乱,所以我们也无法下结论。加拿大政策就很好啊,他们就收留了很多难民,我们美国也应该加快步伐。现如今,我们应该尽可能救助更多刚转移到美国的难民家庭,能做一点是一点。办法有很多。我们需要积德积善。





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