Xilin Weekend Academy Spring 2015 Registrations

Xilin Weekend Academy Spring 2015 Registrations
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Xilin Weekend Academy Spring 2015 Registrations are opening soon!
Greetings everyone!We’ve had a great fall semester here at the Xilin Weekend Academy. As classes are wrapping up in December, we’d like to let you know about the classes we will be offering in Spring 2015.Below you will see the schedule of classes that are offered in the Spring 2015 session. Registrations for the Spring 2015 session will begin on December 1st, and classes will start January 10, 2015.

You may register for classes in person or online beginning December 1st athttp://www.xilin.org

If you have any further questions, please contact Mrs He Yuhua at yuhuahe999@gmail.com 


Xilin Academy Spring 2015 Schedule
Chinese as 2nd Language II Jie Zhang 10:00-11:50(Sunday) Dog $135
Chinese as 2nd Language I Yin Ding 10:00-11:50 Ram $135
Chinese as 2nd Language III Jie Zhang 12:10-2:00pm Dog $135
Chinese as 2nd Language IV Jie Zhang 10:00-11:50 Dog $135
中文易学1 – Chinese Made Easy1-2 (age 4-6) Xinhua Xie 10:00-11:50 Boar $135
中文易学2-3 – Chinese Made Easy2-3 Xinhua Xie 12:10-2:00pm Boar $135
中文易学5 – Chinese Made Easy4 Ping Xia 12:10-2:00pm Rat A $135
中文易学4 – Chinese Made Easy5 Jie Zhang 2:10-4:00pm Dog $135
中文易学6 – Chinese Made Easy6 Ping Xia 2:10-4:00pm Rat A $135
中文易学阅读班 – Chinese Made Easy Reading Jie Zhang 4:10-6:00pm Dog Invited
Chinese Ji Nan Vol 8 XueQin Zhang 12:10-2:00pm Ram $135
Chinese Ji Nan Vol 9 XueQin Zhang 2:10-4:00pm Ram $135
Chinese Ji Nan Vol 10 Ping Xia 10:00-11:50 Rat A $160
Math Genius G2 Shurong Yang 10:30-11:20 Snake $101
Math Genius G3 Shurong Yang 12:10-1:00pm Snake $101
Math Genius G5 Jianhua Zhang 4:10-5:00pm Snake $101
Algebra I G7-8 Meifang Qiao 2:10-4:00pm Horse $170
Geometry G7-G9 Shiying Ning 2:10-4:00pm Rabbit $170
Algebra II G9-10 Shiying Ning 10:00-11:50pm Rabbit $170
AMC 12 (G9 and above) Shiying Ning 12:10-2:00pm Rabbit $170
Mathcount G6-G8 Shiying Ning 4:10-6:00pm Rabbit $170
Calculus Shiying Ning 8:00-9:50 Rabbit $170
Dance -Saturday
Dance (age 6-8) Xiaofeng Huang 9:00-10:20 old Studio $216
Dance (age 8 and up) Xiaofeng Huang 10:30-11:50 old Studio $216
Dance (Beginner) Xiaofeng Huang 12:00-12:50pm old Studio $144
Dance (age 8 and up) Xiaofeng Huang 2:30-3:50pm Studio $216
Lyrical and Jazz Dance Vanda Varnai 4:10-5:00pm old Studio $144
Dance Group (Teenage) Xiaofeng Huang 4:10-5:30pm old Studio $216
Chinese Kung Fu Fan Olinda Chang 3:10-4:00pm old Studio $144
Dance – Weekday
Adult Comprehensive/Chinese Classical Dance Xiaofeng Huang 7:30-9:20pm(Mon.) old Studio $256
Children Advanced (6 & up) Xiaofeng Huang 6:30-7:50pm(Wed.) old Studio $216
Adult Comprehensive/Chinese Classical Dance JuanJuan Wei 7:30-9:20pm(Thur.) old Studio $320
Teenager Comprehensive/Chinese Classical Dance JuanJuan Wei 7:30-9:50pm(Fri.) old Studio $398
Rhythmic Dance Therapy Olinda Chang 7:30-8:20pm(Tue) old Studio $144
Chinese Ribbon Dance Olinda Chang 6:30-7:20pm(Thur.) old Studio $144
Basic/Intermediate Children Ballet/Chinese Dance Xu Mei 4:30-5:50pm(Wed.) old Studio $216
* If a student registers and pays for three(3) or more classes, a 5% discount off of tuition will be applied.
* If you register but still have not paid for classes, a $5 late fee will apply to each class after 2/7/2015.
* If a student registers on/before the 8th week, the full price applied
* If a student registers on/ after the 9th week, half price applied
* All students attending classes need to be registered, or present an observation note to the teacher.
* Enrollment for teacher Huang/Wei’s  classes is by invitation-only, and will need approval by the Xilin Management Team. No makeups are allowed.
* Teacher Huang/Wei may open their classes to the public after the 2015 Lantern Festival. Details will follow later.
* There are no refunds or discounts if a student miss any classes for any reason.
* If a student drops a class on or before the second week, a full refund of fees will be returned.
* If a student drops a class after the second week, no refunds will be given.
* For online registration, please check www.xilin.org

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