金美翎:《最佳闺蜜》海莉(Hailee Steinfeld )采访

金美翎:《最佳闺蜜》海莉(Hailee Steinfeld )采访
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Hailee Steinfeld interview from Eacast Media on Vimeo.


Meiling: First of all, I have to say that your acting is remarkable! I really enjoy every single moment. During the Filming of this film, your EP “Haiz” also came out, so how did you really balance the acting and singing career?



Hailee: Wow, that’s really great memory there! That was kind of crazy. During the audition process for this film, I was fine-tuning the EP, and picking the songs we are going on, and finishing the last minute recording sessions, again, perfecting everything. I have done all of that, and in the middle of the movie, this came out. I remember I wrapped the movie at 5 in the morning, got on the airplane, and the next day, and performed my first Jingle Bell last year,  we will do it again this year, which is what I am very excited about. But anyway, that was crazy being out making the film and having my first party of work as an artist. It was interesting. But also, amazing, being in the thick of both of them, and realizing that I can do both, and having so many people on both ends supporting that. It is so well-received, which I could never imagine. So I feel very thankful for that.



Meiling: Very nice! During this film, your acting for this role is so struggle, the struggle is so real with Mr. Woody. So what did you have to prepare for the role, and what are some fun memories?



Hailee: Luckily I didn’t necessarily have to do much to prepare, I just had to be a teenager, which I have been, and we all have. I guess going into this being my weird and quirky self again, and expressing those situations, that I have been in countless times, that I felt so out of the place and uncomfortable, or not knowing what to do and how to handle certain situations, and I was able to pull on those, and put it in this and along with many other things. There are so many favorite memories, and I really had some incredible times. Thinking back on certain scenes, certain places we were shooting, even from the beginning, from the audition process to finding the wardrobe for this character. All of that just stays with me.



Meiling: So just imaging this scene… Right now I am your best friend in the film Krista, I just broke up with your brother, how can you use your “Nadine”’s tone to talk to me? Can you show me that?



Hailee: You just broke up with my brother? (Meiling: Yes, I know in this film they didn’t, but…) Yes, I will be celebrating; I will probably pick her up and spin her around, and then talk to her how much I hate my brother.



Meiling: You know this film also collaborated with Chinese media, are you planning any trips to China?

Hailee: I would love to come to China very soon, I have never been and I would love to go on behalf of the movie, or any movie, or music, or something. I hope something one of these days will bring me out there.

美翎: 这部戏有跟中国媒体合作,是吧?你有去中国的打算吗?



Meiling: As a young star, what advice would you give out for the young actors?

美翎:作为童星, 你有什么好建议可以告诉我们年轻的演员们呢?

Hailee: I would say, work hard, be kind, anything can happen, stay passionate, persistent, and be prepared when the time comes.


Meiling: You have 3 million Instagram followers, how do the remarks from your fans really influence the direction of your career?



Hailee: It’s amazing to have that connection with them, and see what they would respond to. They definitely influence me and inspire me in many ways, in terms of the decisions I make, and I always look forward to seeing once I made the decision on something that I truly love and how well they will respond to it then.

海莉: 有那样跟粉丝们特殊的交流平台确实蛮有趣的,可以随时看到他们对我作品的看法。他们对我的发展方向影响很大。然而,一般情况下,我会按照自己意愿做主,之后再看看粉丝是做如何反应的。


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