金美翎:La La Legend爱乐之城主创专访

金美翎:La La Legend爱乐之城主创专访
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La La Land interview 采访视频 from Eacast Media on Vimeo.

导演Damien Chazelle达米恩

导演Damien Chazelle达米恩

Meiling: This film is starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, what are some fun memories working with them?

Damien Chazelle:  The whole thing has been amazing, they learned to sing and dance these big numbers. I remember we shot in long takes, we couldn’t really edit around the mistakes, so we really had to do it all like a live theater. I just remember when we did this long takes, everyone would hope to get it right. When we nail it and the whole crew would cheer. So it felt like a live theater on set, it was really fun. Every day making this movie is accelerating.




导演达米恩Damien和记者金美翎Meiling Jin

Meiling: Yeah I saw the trailer, it is looking fabulous.  Also, from the previous interview, you and your great friend Justin were working on this film for more than 10 years?

Damien: Probably not quiet that much, but we met in college, so we were both 18. We started talking about music and movies, musicals. We wanted to do a movie like this for a very long time. So finally found the chance to make this and put it on the screen, it has been a dream.






Meiling: That’s very nice. Since you two are best friends, was there any challenges to work together as friends?

Damien: The good thing is, by the time we did this we have already worked on this a few times before. We did a small movie in college together, and he did the music for my previous movie “Whiplash.”   Actually we found we just work together very well. We speak the same language, we have a short hand. And sure, we got into fights like any collaborators, but it is great collaboration. And I hope to do every movie with him.




客串主演John Legend 约翰传奇和Ryan Gosling瑞恩高斯林


Meiling: This film embraces the classic style, but adds its own contemporary touches. What is so special about your film? And I really hope that your film wins the Oscar!

Damien: Oh, thanks, haha! I love those older musicals. But I also want to find a way to make them feel new again, sort of smash that kind of filmmaking into today’s environment, and more realistic nuance every day. Modern look at life. So that adjudication, that tension is what I interested in. So that is the whole gambit behind of making it.

美翎: 这部电影在经典音乐剧的基础上又添增了现代唯美元素色彩。片中到底有什么可以吸引到我们的?还要祝愿你们可以拿到奥斯卡奖呢!

达米恩: 哦, 谢谢啊!我喜欢老歌舞剧文化,然而我想换一种方式去翻新它们。把现代的电影制作融入进去,用真实的背景来衬托整个歌曲剧。那样的裁决和张力才是我想要的。开盘棋取胜那才是强者。


主演Emma Stone 艾玛斯通


Meiling: Are you going to show it in China?

Damien: Oh yeah, I hope so. I think I just heard we closed the deal in China. So yeah, fingers crossed.




主演Ryan Gosling 瑞恩高斯林


Meiling: Anything else you want to add?

Damien: Ryan, the thing he kept talking about was the idea of the timing when we were doing rehearsals and preparation. In a way, the whole movie is about bad or good timing. When the timing is right, you get the correct musical number, it is all lining up that way. That moment is being visualized in a sense of being in sync. But most of the movie, they are just missing each other.






Meiling: What are some fun memories working with Ryan and Emma?

Rosemary: I don’t have a huge part in the film, but as you can imagine, they are both jokesters, Emma and Ryan both. One of the scenes I did with Ryan, as a joke, I asked him to put these acorns that I had my hands up to his nose and he did it. So I know his game. But truthfully it is Damien, he is so bold that you are always acting without a safety net. I think I have not many scenes in the movies that I only have one take. It might be 5 pages, but he doesn’t cut. There are beautiful dances. He is just really risky. We were all giddy and with how scary it was to make this movie.









Meiling: I heard there are a lot of improvised scripts, so what did you have to prepare for this role?

Rosemary: When you do your work at home, you would think who this woman is. I play Ryan’s older sister. They grew up and their parents have been died for a long time , and I am trying to figure out who I am to him. But then on the day, you kind of throw out all your pre-conceived notions, and just play. It is a great job, because it is like a little kid in a sandbox. It is like “You are a bad guy, I am a good guy. You will be the princess, and I will be the prince.” And you just play.






Meiling: Did you have a lot of the experiences in the musical before?

Rosemary: No, I don’t sing in this, which is I am very sad about, because it looks like so much fun.




Meiling: And any exciting upcoming projects?

Rosemary: Yeah, I did a pilot for Amazon called “The Last Tycoon.” It is a 1930’s piece about Hollywood, and I will go back for a full season this year. And I am doing some other independent films, which you will hear about in a couple of years.



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