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The parents are extremely concerned about how much their children learn at Chinese weekend schools. But most parents find out later that no matter at which Chinese weekend school, due to environmental constraints, the children will sharply drop in motivation to learn Chinese after they enter junior high schools, no matter how good they learned in the past first five or six years. Also children seem can not read any article without “Han Yu Pin Yin”(Chinese phonetic alphabet that suppose to help kids learning Chinese characters at very begining). They then eventually gave up this part-time study, and quickly forgotten what they have learned when they reach High School age. The bottom line is that children in their spare time can not break the bottle-neck of learning 2500 most-used Chinese characters that is required by modern Chinese language, in their spare time in USA. As the conclusion for last five years to research, practice and explore on the new learning method – Rhyme Rapid Literacy Method, we opened door to show the results achieved. Ms. Sun Fangmin, the experimental class teacher introduced how the new learning method worked, how and when students start to learn “write” and use Chinese Dictionary(including radicals and strokes retrieval). After finish learning by Rhyme Rapid Literacy Method for 3 years, students started to study from vol 6 of “Chinese” textbooks that would be learned at 6th grade. For nearly 2 school years, students have reached vol 9 by now. Ms. Sun also took copies of the last lesson of vol 12(highest volume) of “Chinese” textbooks and asked students to read loudly to guests. All were reading very smoothly and fluently that were very impressed by all guests.There are big differences betwen learning Chinese in traditional method and the Rhyme Rapid Literacy Method. In latter learning method,students start to use what they learned by themselves after 1.5 to 2 year and make learning Chinese will be no more huge burdon for both parents and kids.


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