金美翎: 采访美国著名恶搞名嘴Mancow

金美翎: 采访美国著名恶搞名嘴Mancow
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金美翎:这位美国著名恶搞名嘴Mancow一年前还邀请过我参加过他的电台节目, 今天呀,我就要在镜头前考考他了。来,一起跟我来。
Meiling Jin: This famous radio and TV personality, Mancow had invited me on his radio show a year ago. But today, he will take some questions from me. Let’s check it out!

Meiling: So Mancow, It is always great to see you.
So why did you choose Mancow as your stage name?

Mancow: Mancow is a family name, and it is French.
Meiling: It is French?
Mancow: It is a French name, means big udder. My family and I were milkers. We had dairy. And they called me Mancow. (Meiling, this is all a lie and a joke of course)

Meiling: Can you share some of your funny and most memorable stunts that you have done over the years?
Mancow: Oh My Gosh, you don’t have enough time. We blocked out the Bay Bridge and made a political statement. In some other countries, I got this (censor gesture), but right here, I got put in jail, they charged me 2.5 million dollars. (Home alone) That was a big one. And I wrote a book about it and it was a best seller. Shut down the Bay Bridge in the San Francisco, and it was a long story. We drop cinder blocks on cars, (Crazy) if people honked, we would give you 100 dollars if you let us drop a cinder block on your car. (Home alone) That didn’t turn out so well. That was bad.

Meiling: Are you planning to do more?
Mancow: Yeah, we will do some next week. And it is a nice thing. We will give all the homeless people in Chicago. Did you see the guns? We will give them little BB guns. So they can eat rat and pigeon. (Home Alone) Cleans up the city, plus feeds the homeless. So that’s something what we are trying to do. It is one of the good nature things we do. To help people that are hungry. (This is also a lie and a joke)


Meiling: Although you are off the air from the Fox, but you are going to be on the Loop, the famous station. So can you tell us a little bit about the show?
Mancow: The biggest rock station on the planet earth. Forget about North America. But the entire globe is the station called the Loop. And I am pretty much running the place. (Rolling Eyes) I am taking over there. Actually in a few hours, I am going to be there. We will be rocking and rolling, why not.
金美翎:虽然你被福克斯公司炒掉了,但紧接着你又很幸运地被芝加哥Loop电台聘用。 可以简单介绍下这个电台秀吗?
曼考:这个电台可能是全球最大的了。不只是北美,这个在全球名望都很高。在这家电台啊,我是老大。再过几个小时我就会去那边准备节目了。别忘了收听哦 !

Mancow: You have been a part of my show before. Remember you played my mail order Bride? And it was awful.
Meiling: I massaged him.
Mancow: Yeah, she gave me a great rub. (Home alone) Lots of times, comedy help to deal with pain. I actually did have a mail order bride over once. And it went horribly wrong, because they forgot to put the holes in the lid, and… well, it was awful. (Wow) You were great! (Another lie. He’s saying they sent a lady to him in a box but she died for lack of air)
曼考:对,那按摩可真舒服啊!有时恶作剧帮助消除身体疼痛。对了,在你之前我是收过一次邮购新娘。但因为他们忘记在邮包上面打孔,之后就… 哎,糟糕死了。不过你按摩的不错。

Meiling: Thank you! Since you said you just been to China last year, can you tell me about your experiences there?
Mancow: If you are going to ask me to say some of the names, but I can’t. But do you know the fingerling mountains, it looks like blue ribbons going through jade fingers. It is on your money. Do you know all the mountain range? Guilin?
Meiling: Gui Lin.
Mancow: See you are correcting me, and I hate that. (Rolling eyes) But yeah, that was just spectacular. And then I went to the place where they buried the soldiers. I met the farmer that unearthed the Terracotta?
Yeah, I went there, and then Kowloon and Hong Kong. But that doesn’t count yet.

Meiling: So any culture shocks?
Mancow: The fact that kids don’t wear diapers. Good for the environment, But I had a great time. I met some lovely people. You know when you travel the world and realize: Most people need breath mints. (Crazy) No matter what country, but more breathe mints. Close talkers. I don’t like it. (Joke about bad breath in foreigners)


Meiling: I am pretty sure you know so many more stories that you want to talk about. Lastly but not the least. And I just want to ask you a sincere question. Why did you delete me from your Facebook?

Why didn’t someone clear this question with me? I didn’t know she was going to ask me this?! (Home alone)

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