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易世界制作部能提供从策划、创意、筹备、拍摄、编辑,到发布的全套制作服务。我们的客户群广泛,有企业、组织或个人;有华裔,也有其它族裔。 我们将高度的热情和负责的态度投入到每个项目中, 直到客户的脸上露出满意的笑容。在保证效率和质量的同时,我们不仅能为客户提供极有竞争力的价格,还能游刃有余地运用易世界已有的传媒平台,并延伸到易世界微博等社交媒体,为客户提供多渠道多方位的后期发布。


With his own independent production team, EaCast’s production specializes in planning, shooting, and editing videos of all kinds, especially TV programs and commercials. Since it’s beginning, EaCast has attracted a large and persistent audience group with its original shows, such as Chicago Focus, Taste@Chicago, and Go Bulls. At the same time, EaCast continues to collaborate with external teams to create eye-catching pictures and valuable records, such as web commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, etc.

EaCast provides full service to customers, from planning, scripting, shooting, editing, to releasing. We have a wide base of customers. There are companies, organizations, and individuals; there are Chinese customers, as well as customers from all different culture and ethnic backgrounds. For each project, we work with highly responsive attitude and great enthusiasm, so as to ensure the quality, efficiency, and customer-satisfaction. In addition, we also support customers with very competitive price and fast releasing, using the existed EaCast media platform with its extending to EaCast social network, providing customers with multi-channel and multi-faceted releasing.

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广告片      客户:麻婆小馆                  Mapo Restaurant

广告片      客户:桃源保险                  Taos Insurance Agency

广告片      客户:星光超市                   Star Light Market

广告片      客户:马晓晖                       Mao Xiao Hui

广告片      客户:Hamilton Zhang           Hamilton Zhang

宣传片 (部分)    客户:Synergy 集团公司          Synergy

宣传片 (部分)    客户:瑞华中文学校          Ray Chinese School

宣传片 (部分)    客户: 珍味佳                        Hing Kee Restaurant


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